Computer Science and Technology LABS

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Professional Practice-III (Visual Basic)
  1. 1. Study of VB environment with following details : - Form and their types. - Intrinsic components ' text box, label, combo, list, heck box, and option button. - Design time properties. - Different windows and their uses.
  2. 2. Design forms to perform mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using: - Text box, labels. Design forms to use Date, Time, String, Mathematics functions with help of text box, label, radiobutton, check box, combo box and command button.
  3. 3. Using image control and scroll bar, design form to change height, width of image, movement toimage. Using picture box and image list, flip the image on click of command button.
  4. 4. Design explorer using Directory, drive, file list box and commondialog controls.
  5. 5. Design text editor with menu having copy, cut, paste, select,search, replace the text and load and save the file.
  6. 6. Design stop watch with faculty of start, stop, reset using timercontrol, option, label, text box.
  7. 7. Practical including Data bound controls like DBgrid, DBcombo, Textbox, Combo, List, MS Flex grid and Database control like ADO, DAO, RDO to perform insertion,deletion, updation, display, Search.
  8. 8. Design MDI form including Menu bar, Toolbar, Status bar.
  9. 9. Design the interface to perform following operation on the file like create, open , read , write,delete , search.
  10. 10. Design the Active X control for login form and trantrial it to browser
  11. 11. Design the Active X control to perform database operation with get and let property
  12. 12. Design the experiment using RTF box to create file, load, save search and edit the file.
  13. 13. Integrate all above practical to form mini project including login form and splash form.